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VERB TO LIKE= gustar

When you use the verb LIKE, you MUST say what you like.

‘I like’ is NOT a complete sentence!

The correct pattern is:
subject + like + what you like

                                                        Subject  +   like   +   noun
                                                        You           like         chocolate

You have to use the simple present to say what you like:

You like chocolate.                                    She likes chocolate.
You don’t like chocolate.                          She doesn’t like chocolate.
Do you like chocolate?                            Does she like chocolate?

When you like something a lot, you have to use the verb LOVE.
We love Italian restaurants.
We don’t love Italian restaurants.
Do we love Italian restaurants?

The verb like is ALWAYS followed by what you like [the object].
If you want to use very much, a lot, or so much, put them AFTER like:

subject + like + what you like + very much/a lot/so much

*You can NOT put very much, a lot, or so much between like and the object.

X: I like so much playing football!
X: I very like playing football!
[Very cannot be used by itself]

I like playing football so much.

If you want to say that you like doing something you have to use:

SUBJECT    +    LIKE     +     GERUND

YOU              LIKE           PLAYING

I like playing football.
You don’t like going to the cinema.
Does he like eating chocolate?

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Online activity: Verb BE - Order the words

Click on the link to order the words:

Online activity: Verb BE (thirsty)

Click on the link (verb BE) to do the online activity (multiple choice):


Choose the correct answer:
I'm really keen _______ sport.
A) in
B) of
C) on

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Activity Verb TO BE

Choose the correct answer:

This  car ______ expensive.
A) am
B) is
C) are

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